Fresh Free Range Original Turducken

Product description: A turducken is a cranberry & chestnut stuffing stuffed fully deboned whole chicken stuffed inside a fully deboned whole duck which is then stuffed inside a partially deboned whole free range turkey, each slice contains portions of chicken, duck, and turkey with cranberry & chestnut stuffing  in between the layers. Turducken is a solid slab of meaty goodness, a great holiday meal that everyone will remember.

Arthur’s Gourmet Stuffings

Product Description:100% Australian and 100% natural, no preservatives or any additives, only the best ingredients are used, such as crunchy toasted chestnuts, macadamia and pinenuts, fresh chopped French onion and baby spinach, fresh lean turkey mince, fresh juicy apricot and whole cranberry, yummy!

Variety: 1.Cranberry & Chestnut.   2. Sage & Onion  3. Apricot & Macadamia.   4. Spinach & Pinenut.