Welcome to Arthur’s Quality Poultry
Arthur’s Poultry is located in one of Melbourne’s premier fresh food markets – Prahran Market. Arthur and Belinda established the business in 2005, since then they have dedicated themselves to only offer the best quality produce to all of their customers.

Reasons why you should choose Arthur’s?
There are many but for some key differences here’s a few….

best service

We are an owner operated family business. This  business has become a part of our family. Satisfying our customers is our number one priority. Belinda and I always strive to serve our customers personally, we believe that receiving feedback first hand is the best way to ensure that everything is up to standard.

certified organic

We are a qualified organic poultry retailer, specialized in all kinds of fresh organic and free-range poultry products, with a wide range of our renowned ready-to-cook meals to suit a busy lifestyle. Whether it is a family function, a casual gathering or just a relaxed weekend barbeque, our variety of gourmet products will surely help make a perfect meal.

animal welfare

We deeply care about the animal welfare, human health, and the environment. When you buy our  organic and free-range chicken, you can be confident that the chickens have been treated in the utmost humane and respected way. They live freely in fresh open air and sunshine, just as nature intended. For the health of you and your family, all our chickens are guaranteed to be free from chemicals, hormones and antibiotics.

daily freshness

Belinda and I both have over 30 years of experience working in this industry. We only buy in top-grade fresh whole chicken, direct from the processing plants; we debone all our chicken and
prepare every single product right on the premise to maximize freshness and quality. We are unlike
most poultry shops because we do not buy pre-cut chickens from the intermediary (deboning factories) where only the cheapest, low quality produce are used.

trusted quality

We only trust and deal with Australia’s top poultry suppliers such as Inglewood Organic  Free-Range Chicken , Lilydale Grain-Fed Free-Range Chicken, Numurkah Turkey, Alpine Goose…So you can be sure that what you are feeding your family is of the highest quality. 

wide range

Apart from chicken, Arthur’s also supplies a variety of other poultry and game products. These include: goose, organic turkey, free-range turkey, duck, poussin, quail, pheasant, guinea fowl, farmed rabbit, wild rabbit, and kangaroo fillet. Our famous turducken and  turkey breast fillet roll are always a big hit for every Christmas.